Saturday, June 27, 2009

Late night on the longest day of the year (I think)

[I] try to stay calm
As others lay high in hotels
The building blinks like stars
I am below
Enjoying the lights shimmering.
The city disrupts though,
Rotors and voices.
My facade is brought up.
I am questioning it all now.
Everything is halted now for others
I want my solitude.
But who knows when I'll get it.
I've got a month, right.
Then the road, silence.
Slow steady accomplishment.
All the while my everything burns a short walk away.
We all want peace here.
But can I relax?
And I can't stop listening!
My voice is gone.
JC Christ, Urban Outfitters, apartments!
Stop talking!
Please leave my mind my own.
I pause, reread, and step into the water
Lest I distract them.
Reciprocate, justice, fairness.
I must
Am I smarter?
I've no rhythm.
Not what the water holds
Press, push, silent all the while
An extra layer of depth
Reflects the vertical mile
I'm allowed silence.
To me it's given.
And I take it.
Thank you God.
Let me appreciate you for what you are.
Slow waves spread outward.
Spurred on without needing me.


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