Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Into the East I went wandering
And west and north and south,
But I missed too many people,
And people pass away.
In darkness I knew you,
In daylight your grin said everything,
Anger and joy and all that you were,
Is still here burning today.

Wound up trees and radiant branches,
Grow so cool in the sun,
Passionate leaves and shaded grasses
Take solace til seasons undone.

So many days seem nothing
But nothing is a something,
And lost in shallow breaths,
Are all creation's feeling.
Your breath is sacred
The earth called you home
I didn't want you to go
But she called and you stopped roaming.

My steps are light in front of me,
I trod no grasses wild,
I want to burn the paths
Remove the trails by fire.
I know we're moving forward,
By the places that are gone.
I feel progress in these photos,
The past seems bright, but I must be moving on.

Brother, these days don't pause anymore,
They don't rest anymore.
They don't pause anymore for me.

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