Wednesday, July 28, 2010

today's poem

presses hard and follows me into space
with nothing but this quickness of breath I fall
and through your loving embrace I am blanketed
blankets fall along with the questions of you
dammit I know you
and I know where you are
within all these questions I have made my decisions
they lie within my spaces
my neurons
firing squads of synapses settling into more questions
questions, always these fucking things
I think I pretend to not know when I know what I think
I don't have anything but doubts about these realities living in me
in comfortable space sitting at this small table
staring at this screen
and I am empty within
this vessel of a universe within a greater question of god
who is it
what are you asking of me?
and if you don't ask me
then I will give you no help
I give no help
I fall with no hands beside me
I am sorry for it
I am sorry for it
for all these wandering failures through me
it's all vapid.
you know.