Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Into the East I went wandering
And west and north and south,
But I missed too many people,
And people pass away.
In darkness I knew you,
In daylight your grin said everything,
Anger and joy and all that you were,
Is still here burning today.

Wound up trees and radiant branches,
Grow so cool in the sun,
Passionate leaves and shaded grasses
Take solace til seasons undone.

So many days seem nothing
But nothing is a something,
And lost in shallow breaths,
Are all creation's feeling.
Your breath is sacred
The earth called you home
I didn't want you to go
But she called and you stopped roaming.

My steps are light in front of me,
I trod no grasses wild,
I want to burn the paths
Remove the trails by fire.
I know we're moving forward,
By the places that are gone.
I feel progress in these photos,
The past seems bright, but I must be moving on.

Brother, these days don't pause anymore,
They don't rest anymore.
They don't pause anymore for me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Late night on the longest day of the year (I think)

[I] try to stay calm
As others lay high in hotels
The building blinks like stars
I am below
Enjoying the lights shimmering.
The city disrupts though,
Rotors and voices.
My facade is brought up.
I am questioning it all now.
Everything is halted now for others
I want my solitude.
But who knows when I'll get it.
I've got a month, right.
Then the road, silence.
Slow steady accomplishment.
All the while my everything burns a short walk away.
We all want peace here.
But can I relax?
And I can't stop listening!
My voice is gone.
JC Christ, Urban Outfitters, apartments!
Stop talking!
Please leave my mind my own.
I pause, reread, and step into the water
Lest I distract them.
Reciprocate, justice, fairness.
I must
Am I smarter?
I've no rhythm.
Not what the water holds
Press, push, silent all the while
An extra layer of depth
Reflects the vertical mile
I'm allowed silence.
To me it's given.
And I take it.
Thank you God.
Let me appreciate you for what you are.
Slow waves spread outward.
Spurred on without needing me.

Brother I saw you on the rock crying
Your tears carving canyons on its face
You cared not for that around you,
While time stood its place
You needed not keep pace
Leaves fluttered down around you
And you thought of nothing but space.
Its void full of naught but blue
That most hateful hue
And only ahead the next something
To replace this nothing.

If the world rested, relaxed,
Then we could be free.
Float away with the sea.
Break the orbital chains
And watch space contract
Feel our blood react.
Mixed with solar dust
Quickly enter our pains
Perhaps followed by gains
But I'm space rust
Consumed by solar lust
And I hope you want me.


In Cate's, on the futon

I'm thinking about location
And cast shadows
On walls and doors
Showing through
Closed eyelids
Contemplating the strength needed to reopen
I'm thinking about friends
And more
And actions taken or less
Visitors and mountains
Climb, fuckers
Sluts, is this adventure?
I once did not know what I know now.
Refraction keeps me at bay.
Let him go.
Let him go soon
Let's finish it all.

I exist in space
I change in trails
My life is light
My life is positive
This point glows noisy
And the things I don't feel or see
They matter just as much.
There are shades of light, of grey, of scaling existence
But at some point you know:
That is good.
That is bright.
The lights climb the skies in no hurry
Their ripples wash upon me.
Now calm, now eager,
And I even draw them to me.
Praise be to God.
I accept your starlight
Praise be to man
I accept your light too
It all folds into night,
And is blanketed with blue darkness.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bromst inspired

saul's soul waits
in half blue shadows
thunder roars in jagged bursts of sorrow
the world loses itself in noise
and clouds blanket the colors in their own shade
I couldn't pretend to understand the start
but I feel the start
playing inside of me
like so many other noises
the beginning is incomprehensible until it comes round again
bleed me deep
into the river where I am one with the flow
currents roll heavily

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's true I'm torn
Between heaven and the norm
We're just wondering if we'll pull through while we support the status quo.
I thought I cared.
I thought that perhaps I could make a difference as an individual.
But what is my individuality to yours?
It's hope and loss and terrible vengeance wreaked upon the flatlands of humanity
Mountains crumble as we swallow the deluge of ads soaking our floors.
What they are I don't want to know
Why they are I'm afraid I do know
I'm connected to the bitterest ends of the earth and space
The Hubble spies on my girlfriend for me
Sex litters my every step while money keeps clanging
Every tenth of a cent.
Thank you so much again for killing all my men
You've made me seven dollars.
It keeps on going and I still want to know every next step.
I see my friends and then I don't
I am not a friend but I am a person.
I know you somehow. I know you somehow, I know you somehow and I pretend I do.
Don't hide in the tall grass.
Keep adding numbers to your name
It's the same
I still can't see it
Drive down the resolution.
Pixelate everything.
You will feel the trumpet as close as if it's there.
Just remember
It is there.
It is dots
And space
and Sound
waves making waves in this world