Monday, September 27, 2010

the nothing, pt. 1

he wound his way through the wreckage,
settling on a sight afar,
past crumbling buildings torn apart
from long-expected war.

his figure small his pace uneven
the man a shadow only
nothing stirred but canyons howling
sighing, "oh how lonely."

trudging on beyond all land
at the edge of nothing
cause nothing was all was left
the negative space, numbing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

under arching home
spaces that leave the body peace
sensitive pauses

I make plans and I make moves
I make these choices and lose the grooves
Watching her step out to the brink
These tentative spaces let me think
And so it goes that all is here
In moments she stops and waits so near
But fallen not she's just in stride
Comfortably close, by my side.

fluid rains in mental graciousness
were settled further from our legions
plaintive cries chaos rendered motionless
feel trepidation ranking all the higher.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

when you fall into places and questions and phases unseen
you'll know where I've been
fleets and fleeting moments pass in stark daylight
wars of existence thrown about with absolute certainty of the sacredness
of life
and it blows by with myriad rains and floods and waves that wash into watercolors
sweet soft memories
that though I'm young
were whispers and tales that I have seen worlds crumble under the worn rubber
of my shoes
in these hours all passes by quickly.
how soon the light rises.
how soon our days begin again.
a day begins
while I sleep and hope that I'm not left too far in its wake.
sometimes I know that it all is a question of unspeakable importance
in this mind I live
this anxious heart and soul
turns and tortures itself
but blankness will do me in shortly.
so what of it?
what of