Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's true I'm torn
Between heaven and the norm
We're just wondering if we'll pull through while we support the status quo.
I thought I cared.
I thought that perhaps I could make a difference as an individual.
But what is my individuality to yours?
It's hope and loss and terrible vengeance wreaked upon the flatlands of humanity
Mountains crumble as we swallow the deluge of ads soaking our floors.
What they are I don't want to know
Why they are I'm afraid I do know
I'm connected to the bitterest ends of the earth and space
The Hubble spies on my girlfriend for me
Sex litters my every step while money keeps clanging
Every tenth of a cent.
Thank you so much again for killing all my men
You've made me seven dollars.
It keeps on going and I still want to know every next step.
I see my friends and then I don't
I am not a friend but I am a person.
I know you somehow. I know you somehow, I know you somehow and I pretend I do.
Don't hide in the tall grass.
Keep adding numbers to your name
It's the same
I still can't see it
Drive down the resolution.
Pixelate everything.
You will feel the trumpet as close as if it's there.
Just remember
It is there.
It is dots
And space
and Sound
waves making waves in this world

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