Sunday, February 21, 2010


I support the status quo
In action only.

You ignorant pigs
Chewing all you're fed and shitting it back to the system
Step outside your fucking box.
And see the blackened skies
A tool until the end
I stand beside you yelling
We're in this together.
But you're watching the television
Checking the latest shit as it rolls across the screen.
Collect your drivel, your spam, your waste of life.
I can't watch this go on.
Your story is someone else's, you bought it with your Visa.
I hope the end is worth it,
Cause the journey wasn't.

Rocks crawl
Melancholy souls simmer
Pages deluded by ink

November 2009


I fought unknown forces
I tackled my demons unseen
Through forests of nerves and sinews
I wondered when it would end.
And you I sought through it all
A glorious vision of peace
I wrap my arms around you
Let my tension release.

I am a knight in the night
I have journeyed for days and not years
I'm seeking the roots of a quest
That plays upon all of my fears.


Burn with passion
And life will alight
I said to her
It'll be alright
Don't step out your door
Until you're ready for a ride

Said she'd do as I told
Even though she was scared
I'm scared too, babe
But life needs the thrills.
So we took it together
And tore through to space

I wanted more
And I wanted you more
And more kept on coming
Still I kept on the gas.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

January, no it's February

Filling orders requested
As signs dwell between past and present
I am in those spaces
Are you listening as particles collide over me?
New noises and new toys to make me known
Don't deny me my existence
In this hungry place the liberty is satisfying my cravings
Quietly I dwell
As the afternoon sun hides from warming me
But cool air can do nothing to reslice the past
Thanks to those who make me nervous
I need you plenty as I need no one else.