Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In A Garage

The tools that I use draw me down
Into their hold, the music doesn't fit them
I don't know quite what I'm looking for.
I'm not sure that I should bother at all.

I can't find the soul in the chords.
I can't feel the lunge of the heart.
Only failed improvisations lost in
The weird twinge of keys.

Changes of time and octave and instrument don't work.
I'm not entirely surprised.
I can sing, but there's only the surprise of shouting.
A heartfelt note that can't linger past the moment.

Wherefore am I looking for the soul?
I don't see but the failed singular mechanism.
Which reveals that there is no soul.

I can't say we didn't try.
But I can say I didn't succeed.
I'm foolish for coming here,
But I'll probably try again sometime.

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