Tuesday, April 3, 2012

it's a missing light that blinds.
it's these dark spots in my eyes that burn the brightest.
tempted by knowledge,
fooled by secrets,
endlessly struggling against a villain that sniggers with mirth.
I'm not so blind any more,
and yet my steps are cautious,
as if I'm wandering the dark.

I'm lost in hesitation and certainties of nothing.
twining around the finger of fate and flooded in fears.
he's a gentle one,
and she's no rougher,
but the words cut just deeper.

there is that feeling of loss in knowing,
that bleak knowledge wanting to drown.
and cheshires grinning.
and time laughs full out.

but mere sensation brings me round.
knowing that my nerves serve the moment.
and my heart serves the infinite.
and my breath serves the all
in you and me.

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