Sunday, February 21, 2010

November 2009


I fought unknown forces
I tackled my demons unseen
Through forests of nerves and sinews
I wondered when it would end.
And you I sought through it all
A glorious vision of peace
I wrap my arms around you
Let my tension release.

I am a knight in the night
I have journeyed for days and not years
I'm seeking the roots of a quest
That plays upon all of my fears.


Burn with passion
And life will alight
I said to her
It'll be alright
Don't step out your door
Until you're ready for a ride

Said she'd do as I told
Even though she was scared
I'm scared too, babe
But life needs the thrills.
So we took it together
And tore through to space

I wanted more
And I wanted you more
And more kept on coming
Still I kept on the gas.

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